An Ethiopian customer ordered our semi-automatic banana chips production line in October 2020. The banana chips machines were shipped 20 days later.  The customer launched his banana chips business successful and very satisfied with our machines.

Banana chips processing is a very important industry in banana producing areas. For example, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Panama, Brazil, Rwanda, Australia, Honduras, Panama, Brazil and Costa Rica are all important banana producing areas in the world. Bananas can be processed into banana chips, banana powder and other foods.

The progress of banana chips is similar to potato chips, but simpler than that. Its process also includes slicing, frying, deoiling, cooling, seasoning, packaging and so on. Some customers also require banana peelers.

small plantain chips production line

At the same time, the customer ordered 200000 packaging bags. We purchased from a domestic professional printing manufacturer to complete it in 15 days from design to production.

In November 2020, we completed the order. According to the requirements, we need to contact the local Commodity Inspection Bureau for CIQ for export to Ethiopia. We booked the Commodity Inspection Bureau in advance to identify the quality and value of our goods. The results meet various quality requirements and successfully complete the customs clearance procedures.

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